Metropolitan City- What I see and what I feel

Life isn’t fast enough it needs speed. More and more. Life as they count it on two major elements here

  1. Money
  2. Luxury/standard

Money is never enough. The more they earn , the more they yearn.Longing for a life that they want to live not now but when they get old enough to have a house in Himalayan mountains in peace. At an age when they might be able to find peace in shor of the city as hearing impairment comes with age. No denying of the fact that money is important but not as much as you get blindfolded to see and cherish humanity.People don’t care what’s happening in other people’s life around them yet they get very much involved when it comes to mud slinging and degrading others. Someone’s efforts to do something good goes unseen but when that someone brings a wave of change everyone makes sure to leave no stone unturned to not let that happen.

more to come..


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