wHEn the Hell BreAKs loosE

I am thinking

thinking real hard

 posing the question

 making the ends meet

which has been drifted apart

saving soul sailing low

dared asking myself

what is it , the purity

the purity of soul

They call me delusional

for not understanding the facts

facts as they call them

myths of ages

collection of ruins

need I justify myself

to a bunch of people

those who spare no light for the world

it’s better to wake up in darkness

then to a light which has been taught its path

when and where to shine

the intensity is controlled

Shallow thinking black holes

their minds never speak the truth

and here I am expecting the tongue

It’s better to be in hell

where you don’t need to justify

things spoken or unspoken

choices you made

the ways you lived

because when the hell breaks loose

world call it a revolution.

                                                     by:Isha Negi


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