The Black chair

Waking up at 2 PM
and get ready , to where
to the black chair
waiting for me in a corner
staring blank at the ceiling
till I come
I can feel it is happy
to have a company for next 9 hours
rejoicing in me , crying in my pain
though discrete from the world
it has it’s own world around







I wonder what it is to be
staying there all the while
no dreams of your own
no will what you want
I try to fit myself in those shoes
but I can’t stand the agony
not for a second when asked
how she is dealing with this
is there a hope somewhere
Does it ever long to go out
and see the world
I wake up and see
the poor thing is with me
all the time and I realize
dead don’t have a dream
so live your’s in this time
when everything possible can be
Leaving behind the black chair
there in that corner
I leave for home
just to come back the other day


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