Life’s fable 2



So I have gone far from the basics.

“What are basics then and why we feel a need to explain each and everything all the time? ” I asked.

Everything has a meaning associated with them, be it a small beetle or a large elephant. We human beings have an urge of knowing everything don’t we?  He said

  • yes, but everyone is not same . I will choose not to explain anything to anyone.

*  Hmm…then what ? all these questions that are running on your mind who will answer them, you have to do something about that .

  • I will find them . Seek out the truth behind my thoughts.

* You think you are self sufficient for seeking truth out. Accept it or not we are not born wise , living makes us wise, questioning makes us wise,passion makes us wise, defeat makes us wise and what not.

  • I think I am getting it. So being wise is the quintessential element.

* No it is not. It is the process of being wise.

  • We can’t all be saints. Can we?

* It’s not about giving up world and becoming saints. It has to do with your inner self. Think about it this way.





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