Revolving around TV/cinema


Don’t we all fancy a celebrity we wish to be born as. We all do. And to how great extent  it is a part of our life. We all have TV in our home. We watch it all day long wondering how easily world get to know these people on TV.

We all wish to be famous in one way or the other and TV/cinema plays a vital role in it. We all want to pose on that red carpet no matter how shy we are in real life but reel always attracts. Those people on TV/Movie  they have a certain aura , a prepossessing personality that we all long for.

There are very few people who are not so affected by TV because they don’t watch it as much. But those who do can relate to it easily.  A writer gives birth to a character and TV/Movie celebrities fills it with life or sometimes takes away as well.

Newspaper get it’s content from a celebrity’s life. They fill the newspapers with their breakups, romance , wedding, Holidays etc. This in itself is a proof that we people can’t get enough of it.

Do you feel that urge of getting to know more? What TV/Movies feed us how we want that to be real. And how the reality can shake us . How we believe everything to be so true existing in other part of the world and how we can be in a far country just because of a glimpse on TV. How we get surprised to see people like us with so many similarities.

We are revolving around Globe all the time . We are on a vacation to an island or having a fun at party or dancing to musical beats all at the same time. Isn’t it amazing how our lives are revolving around TV/Cinema.







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