A Colourless World

The world we live in is beautiful because it is a colorful world. We have color for every season, reason , festive, mood and even our thoughts.These color have some significance attached to them. We as human being can relate to these colors no matter what.Now imagine a colorless world, how it would be.

I am getting curious here. Will everything look like water. Fire like water, earth(soil ) like water, clothes like water and everything like water. But is water really colorless? I don’t think so . We human being declared water as colorless because it can reflect any color on it’s surface. Oh Dear! call it a thief but not colorless. So what  it is like to be colorless.

I deduce colorless as the emptiness in human mind for not understanding human beings for that matter any emotion at all. Colorless is the hatred in the world eating this beautiful earth inside out. Colorless are those tears  shed by each innocent being because of the suffering some narrow-minded people cast over them. Colorless are those prayers which go unheard every day. Colorless is our stone heart, the numbness of our minds which stops us from helping someone in need because doing anything good is not our business.

So let’s not be cause a downfall of humanity, we live in a beautiful world and let’s rejoice the fact of being human with Gratitude in our heart and love for people everywhere.




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