The diary of a Fantasist: Day-1

Dear Diary,

I have heard this many times when you are hopeless just pray to God .Why is it so important. I think this is self explanatory. You need someone to rely upon. Though many of us can be atheist , but at the end of the day no one can deny the inner power they have that one channels in their though time.

I am going through a period of indecisiveness myself. I  am unsure of my future, what I really want to be .Not all of us has a focus and only one dream in life. So I read a book which tells about the power of meditation and prayers. I started doing so although not on a regular basis. It’s been hardly two weeks. Before going to bed I just pray to God(3-4 times in a week) to give me happiness, peace and a direction to my clueless mind.

And this morning I don’t know what stroked my mind as I realized my love for travelling. The only thing I now have to do is earn enough to be able to afford that one trip then many trips worldwide. The first thing in my mind is to visit “Scotland” . I have done so much research on this. I know one day I will fulfill my dream for sure.Meanwhile I will just travel in my country  .


  • Leaving a question to all of you readers- What’s your one wish that you want to fulfill
  • Please leave a comment! I am looking forward to it.
  • Do Read-  I AM

3 thoughts on “The diary of a Fantasist: Day-1

  1. Hyperion says:

    Hi Isha! I think many people face a period of indecisiveness about their future. Travelling will definitely give you many dreams and memories that broaden your world and provide many choices. My one wish is to travel to Romania and walk in the Carpathian Mountains; the last wild nature of Europe to remain.

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