The diary of a Fantasist: Day-2

Dear Diary,


I can’t even remember how many times I  have scolded my fate or myself for all the misery in my life(time and again). But today after reading an article about Angel Wallenda(The flying Wallendas) in a magzine, I felt really small. I felt how people in real misery manage to  strive all their life. She showed  pain what it means  saying “in your face”.

She has gone through a lot but she never cried. Never blamed anyone for the sadness. Always believed in a guardian angel, that was always protecting her.She taught me today what it is to be brave and strong. To face everything head on.Real hero’s are truly a made of Great. She was one and will be forever.I don’t have words to describe how I felt while reading her story.


To anyone reading  discover her story here Source – Angel Wallenda

Please share your views what you felt after reading about such an amazing person.



One thought on “The diary of a Fantasist: Day-2

  1. Hyperion says:

    Our suffering in time becomes the novel of our life, an exquisitely crafted testimony of who we are and how we chose to live in spite of our twisted fate. And, that is what made the story great. Angel Wallenda knew this.


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