The diary of a Fantasist: Day-3

Dear Diary,


It’s in human nature that we get bored of things when they are not mystery to us. That is why we should keep ourselves a mystery by trying new things and getting to know oneself. Well today I don’t have a particular topic to write about. I am getting back to writing after a long pause so I am just pouring down whatever comes to my mind.


These days I have been reading “To kill a Mockingbird” . Everywhere I used to look for a must read novel , this one used to pop up. When I bought it I was surprise how this novel is coming so strong from past 30 years.It’s  MUST READ then, I told myself. When I started I didn’t find it that interesting , I had no idea where the story is going. But 3o pages past and there I was deep immersed in the world of Finch family and the Maycomb countryside.I wondered how life was some 30-40 years ago and how drastically it has changed over the years. I missed the simplicity , the depth that people had that time.


These days nobody have the real conversation. Everybody talks about everybody. People don’t have principle’s, they just go by what other’s are doing or did to them. Our horizon is limited to the walls we live in . 

I loved it to see the world from the eye of a child. The critical thoughts of why and what which we no longer pay attention to when we grow up. My heart literally sank when I realized how this is the reality when an innocent person is forced to stay recluse just because this world is to harsh for him to handle.


I would like all the readers out there to read this book. If you already have please share your precious views in the comment section below.




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