Novel Experience- The kite runner

Book- The Kite runner

Author- Khaled Hosseini

Publisher- Riverhead Books


This book has two main character Amir and Hassan. They both are childhood friends . The devotion that Hassan has for Amir can’t be put into words. I welcome you all in the world of suffering.

The first 50 pages – 

There is so much pain in the story, I almost cried. One day before reading this novel I was going through an article which showed how Afghanistan used to be a land full of happiness and how over the years it has changed. Reading the first novel gave me a deep understanding of those happy days of Afghani people.

I am mad at Amir for being bad with Hassan, but then his jealousy  is also justified. Hassan makes me so proud all the time. His innocence tears me apart.

On page number 100-Crying…. I can feel the pain and devastation you feel when someone betrays your trust. This happens in real life as well. Sometimes I wonder why God is so unfair ,he gives pain to a person who is already suffering yet he smiles all the way through his life,  he is the one who always look up to God in admiration, pray with the each breath he takes.
Oh God tell me Why?

I am currently reading this book, I feel like so far it is the one book that touched everything in me be it mind, body, soul,Heart..literally everything.




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