Novel experience 2- The kite runner

I finished the novel last Saturday. The cruel world, bad people, good people and the innocent people all  have been depicted in such a way that you will be left spellbound. Not for a second I felt that I am bored. The post war effect has been so well described that people who haven’t been in a war situation will be able to understand it. I am wondering the suffering , people are facing in ongoing war stricken countries. Why do people hate there own kind. We are living in a world divided by so many factors let alone money.

How a little boy has lost all the hope in this world. HE is left shattered , to even believe that world can be good. How will he cope with all the suffering and to live again and laugh again.

well the novel ends with a good note.

I am giving this book 4.6/5 and recommend everyone who wish to dive deep in a whole new world.


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