“Honesty is not the best policy”

I went through a list of topics for my speech and there it was "Honesty is not the best policy". Being an honest person it intrigued me at once. I am one of those people who just say things without sugarcoating them. Understanding the other part of not being honest will be interesting I thought. … Continue reading “Honesty is not the best policy”


Review- A thousand splendid suns

  Title: A Thousand Splendid suns Author: Khaled Hosseini Published: 2007 Pages: 419 Publisher: Riverhead Books (and Simon & Schuster audio CD). I read book published by Bloomsbury Genre: Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction A thousand splendid suns takes you back in time to Afghanistan 40-50 years ago. Through this book readers are going to have … Continue reading Review- A thousand splendid suns


Not a survivor But a warrior


I’m 9 years old.

My mom is at work for the afternoon and I just got home off the bus from school. He was sitting in the house when I got home and we started joking around and wrestling. Soon, he had his hand on me, in places that shouldn’t be touched by any man when you are 9 years old. I froze. I should have run to my mom the minute the door opened, but I didn’t really know what was wrong and what was right at the time, for Christ’s sake, I was only 9 years old.

When he heard my mom pulling up to the house he grabbed me and yanked me into a closet in my bedroom. He wrapped his hands tightly around my neck and told me that if I ever told anyone about what just happened, he’d kill me.

Imagine that, 9 years old…

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