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This is my new venture in the world of book reviews. I hope you will like this one. Which I am doing in collaboration with a dutch blogger My PaperBlank  . I am posting the review she did along with mine . Hope you’ll enjoy it as well as the readers who are looking forward to read it .
Rachel a lonely woman enjoys getting lost in other people’s world. She observe people and makes up a world foe them, completely unaware of reality. AS this wasn’t enough she is also a teetotaler. Same thing happens every day, Until one day when things go out of order.
There are three main characters in this book. But Rachel’s character is very irritating. But you’ll love the way narrations has been done on her part. The scene explained on initials pages are well connected to the story in long run. Revealing things one by one.
Every character is telling their own story. They have their own perspective to it. It’s been written as if it is somebody’s journal. All of us who write journal and like to read journals, this is a perfect fit.
NOTE- keep track of the events and dates.
          Overall it’s a really good mystery book. Umm..It touches every aspect of human emotion so it’s not just a mystery novel.
It binds you; compels you to keep reading, to find answers.
Lesson Learned– Your life is in your control, whatever happens good or bad you are fully responsible.
I am giving it 4.5/5 and highly recommend it to everyone who wish to read.
And here you go – My PaperBlank
I have translated it for the convenience of readers in English. 
Title: The girl on the train
Author: Paula Hawkins
Published: 2015
Pages: 358
Publisher: AW Bruna
Translation: Miebeth Horn
Genre: Thriller
Blurb: Rachel takes every morning the same train. Every day she bumps on the track, past a row of charming houses in the suburbs of London and always stops for the same red signal. They look every morning to a couple on their terrace breakfast. She now feels she knows them personally and calls them “Jess and Jason. Their lives – in Rachels-eye is perfect. A bit like her own life that once was.
One day she sees something strange in the garden. The train runs just turn on, but everything changed for Rachel. Not being able to keep it for herself, she gets her story to the police. With this she becomes not only involved in the events that follow, but also in the lives of everyone involved. But who is there to trust?
In the book, two storylines play the leading role.
Rachel is separate. Her ex-husband Tom left her for Anna and the newlywed couple soon became the proud parents of daughter Evie. A dream that he and Rachel cherished long but unfortunately never allowed to become reality. Now (two years later) Rachel living in a tiny room with a friend at home, she is drinking heavily and thus unemployed and suffering from amnesia. She is incapable of living and the man with whom she shared to let go, she even uses his surname still.
There is also the story of Scott and Megan Hipwell. Every morning Rachel see them on their terrace from the train. She gets into her head that the couple’s happiness coffin on earth to see them one morning Megan with another man. A few days later, Megan is listed as missing and Rachel decides that what she saw to tell Scott.
From there, the lives of all involved are substantial upside.
My opinion..
The book is easy to read, you just need to pay attention is told from whose point of view. What I found somewhat confusing time were displaced to make another all the characters in turn. I often have to scroll back to find out where exactly what happened.
The characters are described very well. You can move as in their and their lives. Especially Rachel is my favorite. You wonder all the time what personality disorders, all of them will suffer. Her behavior is so crucial to her character very well what comes out of the paint.
The plot is also well done, sometimes I found it somewhat tedious or had something more tension liked. I doubt whether I would therefore put the Thriller category, but the two story lines come together at some point and the plot gets even a surprisingly exciting twist at the end.
I give the book a 4/5
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