Review- A thousand splendid suns


Title: A Thousand Splendid suns

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Published: 2007

Pages: 419

Publisher: Riverhead Books (and Simon & Schuster audio CD). I read book published by Bloomsbury

Genre: Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

A thousand splendid suns takes you back in time to Afghanistan 40-50 years ago. Through this book readers are going to have a close look at the lives of afghan people. How despite belonging to one nation and religion , people are internally divided. This is the reason for constantly going on war.

The main characters of this book are two women, Mariam and Laila. When reading the book you will realize that it is written as though you are reading it from the beginning twice. During the first part of the book Mariam’s character builds up. In second part Laila’s character builds up. There is a significant age difference in both the characters .

Mariam is a girl from a village Gul daman, who is married off to an old man who is in his forties when she was only 15 by her father(If I tell you why that will be a spoiler). She then goes to Kabul with him.

Then there is Laila , a girl from Kabul. Who does most of her household work herself. She is a very bright student. She has a close friend Tariq. Her father is a teacher and is very liberal in his thinking.

The story revolves around the pain these two women undergo . How they grew a fondness for each other. How they protect each other. This is an emotionally sad novel. You will long for happiness in their lives throughout the book. This book is a real tale which take place in many places in the world. How you channelize power to face the bad when it comes to the lives of your loved ones.

People who have read “The kite Runner” will find it difficult to say which one of these two books is their favorite. These two books are totally different. Though in The kite runner there are moments of happiness, tenderness. A thousand splendid suns is far more deep and emotional  in that aspect. You will feel the fear, the sadness.


I am giving this book 4.3/5, and recommend it to the readers.

Be lost in the world of tragedies and to pray for world peace.




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