Diary of a fantasist Day-5

Hi ,

It’s not exactly the day 5 since the time I first started writing this digital Diary. But  to remember the sequence I am naming it as Day 5.

Life is invariable different for different people and has it’s own significance and meaning. Sometime when you are just struck with the negative people all you can think of is getting out of that  situation.

I like socializing but when you are struck in  a remote room which feels like extrasolar there is nothing you can do about it .You just have to wait for the right time to get out of the situation. There are some people I just want to shoot in the head only  if I can. People can be real bad all this time I am learning this hard truth again and again.

Well to hell with the negative energy/thoughts . The one thing I have learned best is to be happy with yourself no matter what. Life is going to be grand and is grand. Be a free soul . Roam around the world . Dive deep in the ocean of thoughts and create something beautiful. 

Just Love life, love yourself.

See ya!


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