All The Bright Places

Title: All the bright Places

Author: Jennifer Niven




Genre: YA(Young Adult) Fiction

“All the bright places” is a story of a boy (Theodore Finch) and a girl(Violet Markey) who goes to the same school,  share only one period/class together that is US Geography. They have been given a project which brings them closer to each other. They are going through some personal conflict yet they manages to see “The bright side” of being together. to some bright places  they wander.

Here I have explained some of the things which I found out : HIGHLIGHT

  • It has a striking similarity to “The fault in our stars” and “Paper Town”. As if the two books are written as one.
  • The emotions are well placed but the plot is too twisted.
  • I feel like character has not developed fully,  Finch’s being exception.
  • Internal conflict are well explained as well as metal illness.


As the story move further there is an expected/unexpected twist toewards the end. It will shake you and leave you deeply moved.Sometimes there are questions which remain unanswered forever. I personally hate this kind of a situation.whether it’s in a book or real life.Although book is good there is nothing new in the story(sadly) but it doesn’t mean you should not read this book. Go ahead and have a great time. You’ll enjoy.


I am giving this book 3.6/5. And a yes to all the readers who want to read it.

PS: This book will teach you to move on in life and be happy in the uncertainty of future.


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