In My Opinion: Why can’t India be a superpower

India a nation with 7 billion people out of which 356  million is  youth population(between the age group of 10-24). With so much young energy India can transform overnight but it won’t . The youth is vital to any nation’s economy and progress. The new ideas , the new ways , the new revolution it all feels good and comes with each new Generation. But we are still stuck with the norms which are being imposed on us by the old generation, old ways and rigidity.

Here is the reason why:

  1. India is still ruled by people who have no new perspective.

Of all the leaders ruling today ( I am not saying that we should get rid of them), we need a stronger collaboration of young generation and the old one. And yes I said rulers , despite being a part of world’s biggest democracy we seems to run out of options when it comes to choosing a leader who can / who we want to  represent us. Generally the people who come from wealthy , royal or political family make it to the forefront. As there is reservation in the name of  our caste, our background, there should be one for  common people. People who belong to intellect, who see differently, who really want to do something good beyond any personal benefit.

2. Our education system is too old to keep pace with the fast changing world.

As soon as a child goes to school the first thing that is in their parents mind is that highly paying job he will get upon completion of school/college. We feel so proud to have inherited an education system from British which was made to generate employees not employers. There is two sides to the coin. This system is not that bad but it is doing no good  either.  If India wants to shine as the world superpower the time is now to train it’s young generation  to be entrepreneurs. With the ever increasing population we can’t always be looking for jobs. Indians need to have that wit, will, strength which can only be induced via a good education system.

3. Directionless wondering is futile.

Most of want to be winners. We are not ready to loose. One failure and we are broke , trying second time we haven’t learned yet. Now I wonder where does it come from. The very basic thing I learned was” you’re important and valued only if  you are first”. If by any chance you come second be it in your exams, athletics, singing or anything for that matter you’re screwed big time. You will be the one pitied, the one who almost did it but never succeeded.  “You came  second ” and that was a failure(really?). You made it to the finish line but hey!  what are you cheering for , you failed.

This is the foundation upon which your entire life stands. All our life we struggle to get a rank be it an engineering exam, Medical, architectural or designing etc.  Have anyone ever told you that you don’t need to go to college, you can run your own cafe or you can be a travel guide. No,  why? Because this is what the generation before us was given by the generation before them. Yes at some point in history getting the best qualification mattered but now the time has changed. Learn what your aptitude tells you and  for that we need such institutions.Knowing the direction where you want to go  is important but guide is as pivotal.


4.  We just can’t see people around us grow.

Winning the race is as important as to see people loosing here . In the rarest of rare we see people cheering up for each other in India. This is also one of those things which nobody told us. If you want to succeed in life you can only do it by bringing people up. Remember once you were also hopeless until somebody showed you the way . Your growth will only matter if the surrounding you’re in keep growing. Let’s not get your energy wasted in pulling people down. It’s high time we Indian learn to grow together.

5. Underestimated young talent.

Yes , experience matter and more then that rewarding the young talent matters. This is high time we consider opinions of young people equally important. All the brain drain that is ruining our country’s growth is because we don’t consider to reward the young minds. It’s like nurturing a tree only to have it’s fruits rotten or eaten out by somebody else.

This is my opinion. This is how I feel as a young Indian woman struck in a place where you have to wait to get acknowledged  for the hard work you put in. This is high time the youth get the best foundation, opportunities, direction, support and well deserved reward so as to  make India a superpower. These are some of the issue I think India need to overcome otherwise India have to wait to be a superpower.




4 thoughts on “In My Opinion: Why can’t India be a superpower

  1. Brenda Davis Harsham says:

    India also appears to have gender issues, where women can’t move about as freely as men or work in the same jobs. At least, that’s what the press leads us to believe, with honor killings, acid attacks, tolerance of domestic violence and attacks on women by strangers. Countries only achieved “superpower” status after WWII, and it was WWII that forever changed the male-female dynamic. Women were needed in traditional male roles during the war when the men were away fighting. Millions of them died in Europe and Asia. Women continued to work in more diverse fields, rather than just nursing and teaching. That’s key to the success of a country — because women are over 50% of the population and responsible for their families. If they have a way out of poverty, then the country finds its way out of poverty, too. Life isn’t perfect. Fields women enter in large numbers end up devalued and paid less, but in general women have a lot more freedom and protection than they used to. That has been good for my country.

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    • AsIspeak says:

      Hi Brenda,

      First of all, Thank you for taking time and reading it.
      Today the issues India is dealing with almost half of the world is dealing with them. It seems prominent in India the reason being a wast difference in poverty and affluence. Gradually people are becoming aware and raising their voices against any kind of discrimination which is good. I hope to see India in good conditions in terms of gender issues in coming years.
      Whereas acid attacks, tolerance of domestic violence and attacks on women by strangers this depends on person to person and considerably faced by every 1/1000 women in the world. People have lost their faith in humanity and values like compassion. Why do a women even need to raise her voice for her equal rights? She too is a human being. But no, we consider her a women: A label which makes other consider her weak and subject of discrimination and violence. This can only stop if people believe there is only one race that is “we all are born human”.

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      • Brenda Davis Harsham says:

        I’m glad we agree. My country hasn’t solved the gender disparity either, but I am grateful to be able to work and contribute financially to my family. I do wish we could all see each other as humans, no matter what our skin, eye or hair color or size or gender or age. We are all people capable of love and productivity.

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