Kim Nelson: Real Life Scary Stories (Repost)

From My Favorite writer on WordPress at the moment..

Drinkers with Writing Problems

  • hitchhikerYou’re a single woman on a business trip. At the end of a long day of meetings, you go to the hotel bar to unwind and order a cocktail. There’s a handsome stranger sitting nearby who buys you your next drink. The next thing you know, you wake up back in your hotel room, naked in an ice-filled bathtub. In horror, you touch your back, fearful that your kidneys had been removed while you were unconscious. Luckily they weren’t, but while you were sleeping your state representative signed a bill that drastically reduced women’s reproductive rights.
  • You’re a teenage babysitter taking care of the kids down the street. After they have been tucked into bed, you receive a call on the main house line asking if you’ve checked on the children. In a panic, you peek into their bedrooms but they are peacefully asleep. You brush it off as a…

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