Women- An Analysis

we the people of 21st century. we the people proud owner of technology. We the people who believe in voicing our opinion. We the people who believe in equality. We the generation of open minds. we the generation of change. we the generation of peace. We the generation in race.


Are we , Really?

This question is to all of you who relate to it directly and indirectly.

How many of us fight those battle where they are against our own people .From an early childhood a seed is sown . The seed which when becomes a tree tell us this. “Dear, your family will always be right because no matter what they care for you. They have best interests for you.  Thus we leave everything in the hands of our family.”

What if that one decision which determine your life is taken by them is wrong.May be it’s taken by you and is wrong. How many times do you (addressed to women ) get up and fight the wrong.

I am not saying that  if your family takes a decision  for your sake , it’s wrong. All I am trying to say that you need to step up , make your decisions. Live your own life, value yourself.

Let me tell you a story.

Few days back I watched a news on T.V. where a women committed suicide because her in- laws including her husband  used to torture her all the time. In her suicide audio she said to her Dad that she loves her husband and asks to not say anything to him. My concern here is why? You’ve seen worst because of that one person you married to, he forced her to take her life then why is she saving him? I don’t think I am qualified enough to answer this but if you can do enlighten me.

Then comes the work front.

Women are achieving a lot today. There is one question which is always asked to a successful women “You have already achieved so much, what more are you looking for?

Now tell me this how many of us has asked this question to men out there. Do we ever?

Visit UNWOMEN . You’ll get to know facts about violence against women all over the world. It will shake you . I don’t need to bring up facts and figure since it is something we see or feel in our  everyday lives. A lot has been said about it.

The word  “women” have become in itself a subject of research and analysis. Until or unless women themselves do some self introspection and come up with a solution , there will be no change. I wonder how many things I have learned from my mother. “Sacrifice” is one of them. Am I going to be one , who keep sacrificing and every now and then? No, if it costs me , never.

You are not worthless if you’re a housewife. You are not worthless if one day you are not able to cook a good meal. These things don’t justify who you are. You are a human above all. Respect yourself. Know your own worth. Try not to be a piece of analysis.

“Women be strong. You deserve all the success that you’re achieving or you’ve achieved. You have every right to demand what you need. Don’t be shy or feel suppressed because of the fear of being judged. The world is here to judge each and everyone but you be your own juror and decide for yourself . Think about those million of little girl who will take inspiration from you. Be you, Be strong”


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