“World needs humanity most of all”

As a kid I fascinated this world. Having been brought up in a country side where you are always close to nature and amicable surrounding, I used to wonder what it’s like living in a city. Do people feel giddy living in those multistory buildings? How do people interact? I wondered there must be no feeling like being alone when you are in a vast ocean of people, So many people to talk to. I have seen it on TV, the people in city party more often, they are very broad minded. The world is altogether different and brand new. There are a lot of things to experience.

I did come to realize my dream of living in a big city full of people. And I found it nothing close to being a fascination but a mirage. Why so?

The one constant feeling that I found people dwell in, nurture and cultivate from the very beginning is hatred. They hate other people for being poor, for not being able to afford a vehicle, and they hate people for being hungry, looking at them while they are eating. They complain governments for not doing anything to uplift the society. They consider a poor person a thief, a liar and the cause of all bad things happening in the world.




This brings me to another point that I want to put across. Why I am subjecting a city for being the cause of hatred. I am not comparing here the rural or the urban. I am not comparing here the people with two different backgrounds. My sole purpose is to tell you that how people deal with other people in general. The cities are a good example because people from all walks of life come to live there, to earn money, to find work and to improve their lifestyle. Here in a city you’ll find people belonging/believing in different religions and faiths and people not believing in anything at all. People here have opinions, some of it matters others don’t.

We are the most educated generation that ever lived on earth. But I feel sick when people hate other person simply because they belong to a particular religion, caste or skin color.  Why is it a problem of an educated civilian how other civilian choose to live his life. Marry or not to marry, being LGBT or not being LGBT, these are some personal choices that an individual have. Today there are multiple cases of rape, domestic violence, child abuse and we are the educated generation of the all-time.  We are the open minded people so open that we accept everything for what it is.

It starts with you:-

Look around how many people raise their voices against all the turmoil’s they are going through in their personal lives. The moment we give in, accept our situation and feel that we serve no purpose is actually when we accept the defeat. Successful is not a person who was able to build an empire but a person who valued himself /herself and lived like a victor. The end to this hatred starts with us. Why do you think they always say love yourself and everything will be all right. Because as somebody said you have to be the change you want to see in the world.

We are social animals. We learn from each other. Today you raise your voice, one day the other will. This is how you inspire. You do nothing for them yet you mean everything  for them.


Saving the world it seems like a big word, big responsibility. I want to say start from saving you first.

Don’t let anybody influence your opinion because for you know it takes courage to be kind and helping.

Don’t give that I pity you or you look helpless look instead just smile. The other person will feel valued at once.

Just because a person is millionaire they deserve to be respected, no! Respect other person for the simple fact that he/she is born human.

Tell people you meet that it is not okay to let someone disrespect you. Know that No person is less than the other. This is how you develop mutual respect.

We are failing as a human being. We always take pride in being the most intelligent species on this earth. We are so close to becoming the most destructive species that ever lived on earth. I wonder how anyone would remember us “Human being” some thousands of centuries from now. No money, no weapon, no economy would be able to stand a mass destruction which will be brought upon us as a result of hatred in this world.  This generation with opinions, broad thinking which believes in no stereotype has the most work to do. Today we have to make people understand the value of humanity and carry it forward as a legacy for the generations to come.


2 thoughts on ““World needs humanity most of all”

  1. Vinay Thakue says:

    Present time needs to witness ample no of people having similar approach but unfortunately reality is altogether different.I hope your writing influences some if not many.

    Liked by 1 person

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