An Open Letter to Trollers

Dear Trollers,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. For all the edited pictures, Instagram accounts, dedicated twitter accounts and Facebook pages  that add charm to the life of a common man and women of course.I wonder how Facebook or whatsApp would have survived without you guys. As they are always filled with countless of trolls.If it’s not been for you, communication would have died between people. Then I think about all those people to whom forwarding a lame or funny troll is more important than actually to have a conversation. I imagine about all the post troll honest conversation people have , where they share their pain with a smile on their faces.




Then I think about industries and jobs which are immune to recession or advancement in technology. And top of the list is ” The Trolls industry”: Your job will be there as long as  there is internet. I would also  like to appreciate you for your quick response time. An event occurs and within seconds you react with trolls . Take recent example of demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee bills. It seems like you were very much aware of what Prime Minister was about to declare. Within a second there were millions of trolls floating around on social media platforms. I see what you did there, only industry who succeeded in saving black money.

We won’t be able to know what candid conversations world leaders have or famous people have when no one is around. Thank you for sharing  that. I have no idea how you guys manage with security clearance to get to listen to what these people are talking, but it is worth a shot.


Oh I forgot to mention a very good quality that your industry have is “Impartiality” ; Yes kudos for that. You treat everyone like equals. There is no way one person gets trolled more than the other. In fact you very generously offer the opportunity to a person if he/she is interested in getting trolled.

I am thankful to the blessing that is Internet which gives me an opportunity to come across lively Trolls. Dear Trollers,  I must say I know the hard work that you put in your work ,  keep doing the good work.


Yours Sincerely

A Troll’s Fan








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