A World in War

I don’t know much about the world and world Politics, but what is happening in Syria is saddening. I know it is easy to shout your opinion from behind a computer screen, but I can’t help it. After watching a video by BBC on Facebook , where many orphan children are asking us people living on the safer side of the world to help them. I was wondering how this war is going to affect there lives from now on. They will get a new home and country to live but there will be no Syria for them. No home , which they can connect to . I read this article Civil War Syria  and got to know much more about how this war started.


Civil War is a movement of people living in that country, but whatever is happening in Syria it for sure is not civil let alone calling it a movement. They are destroying their land like anything. With this warring world is seeing new heights of terrorism. My heart cries for those people who are being forced to leave their home for no reason. Can’t there be peace as a solution to all the problems. World leaders have always come together in such situations. Can’t there be anything that can put an end on this. Human lives matter above all. I pray to God to save humanity.







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