Author: George Orwell

Published: 1945

Pages: 104

Publisher: Penguin India; I read Fourth edition.

Genre: Satire, Political satire

Animal Farm is a book that will stay relevant for ages to come. It makes me wonder how George Orwell could see through human layers. If only I can get a chance to meet him, I would have asked where all these ideas come from and flow so effortlessly. It definitely is a fairy tale which tells you about how leaders are born. How a vision can be turned into so many different things

Looking at the characters of this book, each one is unique. There is Boxer who believed in hard work and there is Snowball a visionary. But the two characters which I feel left to explore on their own by author are Napoleon and Benjamin. What was going on in Napoleon’s mind and why was he making all those decisions. Did he always thought of doing and making Animal Farm, what it became eventually. Benjamin clearly was the cleverest one when it comes to understanding the reality. Why did he choose to remain silent?

When we compare these to present political scenario we’ll find there are many Snowballs who are driven off the ground. Most of the people go with the majority.  Without thinking if one of them raises their voice maybe they can help in bringing change.

It is sometime hard for common people with common interest to differentiate between a leader and a dictator. That’s where education plays an important role. We as common people need to understand where our interest lies. We all should have a vision of our future.

Lesson learned

  • It is so important to have an opinion of your own. Especially in this age of social media, where our opinion changes every few seconds.

Recommendations- Please read this book at least once in your lifetime. (4.5*)


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