Life’s fable 1


“Life what is it?”

Almost everyone keeps thinking this their whole life. Some of us even forget to think anymore. Does it count in the number of years that we live.But people with a very short span of life do leave a legacy behind. So what is it, where does all this begin and end.

With utmost honesty, he asked me this question. A challenging one. When I after failed  attempts of answering logically asked for an explanation he told me this story.

“Once upon a time ” do you expect me to start like this. A story that feels like a tale coming for ages. I will tell you a true one never heard before.

I hesitant to waste my time with this person that too for a story somehow stayed.

What are quintessential elements for us human beings?  He asked.

Without giving it a second thought I said ” it is food, clothes  and  shelter”.

Why do you think of  these in the first place?

Because it’s what everyone dream about , talk about and live for. 

And do all this fulfill the purpose of life?

Yeah, I think so.

I remember my father boasting about how he has worked for years and built a big house like his. He has seen worse in life, so for him it is everything that he has always dreamed of having.what-is-life-660

I am asking you again , Think hard is it everything?

I thought real hard “is it that delicate leaf which has just come out of the earth”. Yes, it is something like that , it’s happiness, freedom and joy.

Well, you have gone a little bit far from the basic question, he said.







5 thoughts on “Life’s fable 1

  1. Hyperion says:

    Introspection, questioning life and how we fit into it is the self awareness that connects us to our humanity and ultimately, if given the time, we arrive at wisdom and the answer to what is life is what we have become.

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